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This is the worst thing I had heard regarding animal cruelty. It makes me sick to think about it. just see this story and think by yourself
here is the article's link so you can see the photos…

Cyber sadists have figured out a way to profit from cruelty to small creatures, and animal rights activists say it's high time China enacts tough laws to stamp out such abuse. Several Websites have cropped up recently offering videos and still photos of dogs, cats, rabbits and toads being stomped to death by a sexy woman wearing stockings and high heels. These images are usually linked with more typical sadomasochistic fare consisting of a female in stiletto heels tramping on the chest of a man.

A Shanghai Daily investigation turned up several such sites, offering "Gts,'' which stands for "great women, small men" and "Crush'' products. Animal "snuff" videos were posted on these sites for sale at 15 yuan (US$1.87) each. There were bulletin boards for fetish fans, who could even join a group called the International Crushing Association. At least one of the sites was reportedly registered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Several disturbing videos were offered for free. It was impossible to tell where they were made, and while Shanghai Daily could not confirm that animals were actually being killed in the videos, the content appeared to be authentic.

In one, a scantily clad woman with Chinese features posed with a small kitten along a riverbank, at first gently caressing the animal's fur. She then began stomping on the kitten with her high-heeled shoes, crushing its body and head and leaving it in a lifeless, bloody heap. One Website,, was shut down after a Chinese newspaper contacted it to complain, and animal lovers left numerous angry messages on some of the other Crush sites. At least one of the sellers, however, was unrepentant.

"These movies are not nasty; I don't think they're illegal," a man surnamed Han who markets the videos online told the Shanghai Morning Post. Han said he offers dozens of different videos and has sold hundreds of discs to people from all over the country since he started the business two years ago. "All the videos I sell show beauties dressed in sexy clothes crushing a small animal to death," he said. "They are selling very well."

Zhang Haiyin, director of the Shanghai Mental Consultation Center, said the people who buy these products are disturbed individuals who may take pleasure in seeing another living creature suffer because they can't achieve their own life goals. "These people are most likely those who can't realize their own dreams." Animal rights activists care little about the motivation behind the videos. They just want the cruelty stopped. He Yong, a spokesman for the Beijing office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said these videos point up the need for laws preventing cruelty to animals. China's present legislation is too vague to be much good, critics say.

"Our group hasn't looked into the source of these videos, but for the sake of these animals and for humans as well China needs laws to protect small creatures from harm," He said. "Those who are heartless enough to harm animals may also be potential threats to the people around them."

we should not stand still and watch we must do something to stop this crazy psycho people
how could she kill such a cute animal like this
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Juno95 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
MysticMan- u r sick... AND FUCK YOU!!!! U R NOT NORMAL MOTHERFUCKER!!! I hope your r die as soon as possible... Here in europe we not tolerate this and similar people as like U !! And i know the chinese not normal as like this stupid bitch in the video...
nefarious-nik Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Hey Mystic-Man, maybe you like to RAPE little girls to if your in to Killing animals!! LOL,, I can see it already..
jelloloo Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010
mysticman, You're fking sick, pls just admit urself to the mental hospital.
Mystic-Man Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
what I think about awsome, i mean I* killed 2 kittens few years ago and I'm pround of that.but I khnow that they still stomping cats in china till this year and I wanted to do the same.......FUCK THE CATS AND THE OTHER ANIMALS, THATS WHY I EAT THEM FOR DINNER!!!!
jabehanna Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Go fuck yourself.
Mystic-Man Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
photographersamer Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010  Professional Photographer
good for you bro :)you really should be proud of yourself you know. for being an animal with no brain and feelings :). even animals have feelings but you :) nothing.

have a nice day :)
Mystic-Man Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
your joking right... your actaully proud of me "foor real?, not mad at all?"...
photographersamer Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Professional Photographer
yeah im proud of you because you're officially the first brainless human :)
why would i be mad ? would u be mad if u find out that one of the ppl in your town is actually a monkey ??? i don't think so :) so :)
Mystic-Man Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Hmmm.....we have alot in common!
photographersamer Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Professional Photographer
yeah A lot
Mystic-Man Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
one more question.......have you killed any animals???
photographersamer Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Professional Photographer
not a single one. :) should i kill one to be a " human "??
what about you ?
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WhoAreThesePeople Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
I cried just seeing that sweet baby with it's mouth open crying. I hate that people can do this. what is wrong with her? why would she hurt that sweet baby? why?
raptorcat Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
MAN, PETA SHOULD QUIT FUCKING OVER PETSMART AND PEOPLE MILKING COWS AND TAKE CARE OF SICK SHIT LIKE THIS! i'm okay with killing animals for food, as long as the kill is quick and painless as possible, but this is just fucking sick
punkrocker494 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
That thing about ppl killing kittens and puppies with high hells is just fucking SICK. The min I clicked on that link I began to cry, HARD. I don't understand it, and I personally think its the saddest, most fucked up thing I've ever heard of in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lunanima Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
Those shoes should be illegal to wear :rage:, it can kill for sure the most harmless animal. Not only animals, I have seen people dead by those horrible shoes. I'm very active in protecting animals so count me in on anything involved on those beautiful creatures of God (Allah).

:smooch: Take care and thanks!
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